Carenet solves the dual problems of cost and care for IVIG treatment





CareNet provides payers with real-time real-dollar visibility into each patient receiving IVIG.


Care Management

Our proprietary platform gets payers the outcomes they desire and keeps costs under control.

We improve the treatment experience by consistent supply, choice of administrative sites and guaranteed appropriate utilization.

We provide big benefits to the payees by improving patient care, managing IVIG spending and having expert physician over site.

Cost Savings

CareNet significantly reduces IVIG cost for payers. The average IVIG cost per patient per year is $125,000 and CareNet 's average IVIG cost per patient per year is $75,000.

Based on a payers typical IVIG spend, CareNet believes our solution can save you millions over the next 5 years.

We optimize 4 levers to reduce the overall cost for payers, including: optimized setting of care, reduced hospitalizations, reduced preventable medical events, dose optimization.