How CareNet Works

CareNet coordinates care for all of your patients receiving IVIG.

Carenet Overview

CareNet is a care coordination platform that enables health plans save money on patients requiring IVIG. The technology improves patient outcomes and lowers cost. A win-win. CareNet has been a leader in IVIG therapies for over 20 years and is widely considered an expert in autoimmune, neurologic diseases and immunologic diseases.

Most health plans don’t know how much they are spending on IVIG. This may sound shocking, but a typical health plan serving just 1,000 patients on IVIG can cost the plan over $100,000,000 per year.

The cost picture is further complicated by a few critical challenges to payers and physicians.
1.) Cost. IVIG is very expensive to procure
2.) Education. There is very little administrative education for nurses and therefore potentially preventable events
3.) Standards. It’s often dosed incorrectly, misused, and over-prescribed

However, there is good news. We believe that better treatment plus better management equals big benefits to payers. First, evidence based guidelines guarantees appropriate utilization, best site of service for the patient, and less hospitalizations. Next, better patient management means care is coordinated, non-responder patients are discontinued, and real-time data is given back to the health plan. All in, this is a big benefit to health plans.


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